Roll of Tri-X

Shot this roll yesterday in about 3 minutes while in a parking lot before heading to Tasty Taco’s for a delicious dining experience.

If you are curious and have the patience, I’ve attached full res (not cleaned) scans of each strip. Just click and wait for it to load. Keep in mind nothing has been cleaned of dust or “touched up”. Straight up scanned on this jalopy. The last image is a TMAX 100 4×5 negative. In order to scan negatives that large I have to scan each half and then stitch it together in photoshop. Slightly time consuming but I feel the effort is usually worth the reward.

MichaelJuly 18, 2018 - 9:14 am

beautiful photos!

How did you scan them full frame with the black boarders around the photos? Did you use a film holder?

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