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Dear PC,

We’ve been through a lot together. I remember that fall day back in 2000 when the UPS guy dropped off the final piece to put my first home build together. The 3dfx Voodoo 5500 PCI video card. We stayed up late and played Quake Arena all night while drinking massive quantities of Dr. Thunder. I remember you’d get too hot inside my apartment that you’d lock up and not respond to my keystrokes. Together we learned the importance of airflow and cooling. I get all nostalgic thinking of that day we first experienced cable internet together. I didn’t think that cable installation guy would ever leave! But when he did…oh the times we had! We immediately tried out napster and found out we could download an entire Moxy Fruvous album in under 10 minutes! How exhilarating that was!

But over time things started to change. I realized quickly you required a lot of maintenance. In the beginning I was ok with it. But it seemed every 6-9 months you’d get really fussy and want a fresh OS installation. Or you’d contract a virus that was really tough to get rid of. I stayed by your side through thick and thin. Even when Vista came around and we decided to experiment together. Oh, I just look back and laugh and realize how foolish we were! Running task manager and seeing an OS chew through more memory than I could have ever imagined. It felt good when we sobered up and reloaded XP.

I’m sad to say that we are going to be apart for awhile. I’ve found a new computer that respects me as a user. Someone that doesn’t need hard drive defragging frequently or has .dll version nightmares. I think we should keep the relationship professional and I’ll still see you when I need to run AutoCad 2010 or Revit. But let’s keep it work related.

I hope you understand,

Ha! That was the nerd in me expressing my joy in the decision to go Apple.  We plan on making our next purchase the new 27″ iMac to team up with our new MacBook Pro. It was a good decision and current and future weddings will be benefiting from this immediately! Sarah and I can now post process twice as fast having two workstations! We can now then also offer same day slideshows for weddings. It is a win for everyone (except for the ol’ wallet).

And as always…many more photographs are on the way. From senior sessions to our last few weddings of the season! Come back soon to check ’em out!

lauraOctober 28, 2009 - 12:06 am

BHAHAHAHAHA you totally WOULD take pictures of your new mac! i love it. maybe cause im a nerd too (ok, thats probably the only reason why)! i cant wait to see this 27″ holy COW.

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