Roll of Clare :: Tri-X Strikes again!

I’m lazy. Especially when it comes to scanning negatives. The Epson V500 has “carriers” (not sure that’s the proper term) that you load your negatives in for scanning. It’s a sort of guide that allows your negatives to lay in the proper area and also gets them to sit a little flatter against the glass. Rather than¬†individually¬†load and scan each image I’ve been enjoying ditching the carriers and scanning strips of negs.

During this set of scans I accidentally had it set to “color” and it made the negs electric brown in color. I thought it looked interesting, but really unusable. So, I desaturated it a bit and decided to post ’em up as is. They’re super muddy and are all post scan. Photoshop was used to crop and somewhat “straighten”.

So in this set of scans I decided to shoot an entire roll of Clare. This is my youngest daughter and she is the fireball of the bunch. She troubles me. She’s only two (three in a few more days) and already talks about boys. She also loves clothes, jewelry and don’t get me started on the nail polish.

Sidenote: Totally getting credit on any band name in the future that calls themselves “Electric Brown”. Could be a wicked awesome ska band.

This is one of the frames that was properly scanned just to show that it is indeed sharp and crisp. Each frame is actually in focus with the exception of only two. I consider this a huge victory coming from fast AF (read: inaccurate) digital systems.

Michele HillakerMay 18, 2011 - 8:04 am

The last picture is my favorite. Don’t tell Clare but we got her pretty dresses for her birthday. I told Grandma Morris to buy her sparkle shoes.

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