Elizabeth and Sean :: Married :: Des Moines, Iowa Wedding Photographers

Goosebumps. I got ’em during this wedding. I’ve never had a couple quite like Liz and Sean. We had to give them almost zero instructions when it came to the majority of these photographs. If we asked them to kiss they would take their time, approach each other slow and act like it was a first kiss every time. Goose pimples.

It was a beautiful wedding in Boone. It kept with our theme this summer. Hot and humid.  Sean is in the Navy and will be stationed over in Europe where they will be moving later this week. Sarah and I feel very honored to have been the photographers at this event. It was a wedding that we will remember for a long time. Thanks to Liz, Sean and family for letting us come up! Have a safe and wonderful trip over to Europe!

And yes, I realize there are again a lot of photographs in this set. The crazy thing is we left out a LOT. I wanted to put around 30 more additional shots but I showed discipline and kept the numbers lower. I am really excited to deliver the remainder of these photographs.

Congrats you guys!

Ruth AnnSeptember 8, 2010 - 9:50 pm

these are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! They may be some of my favorites ever. Liz was such a classically beautiful bride and they seem like just a perfect couple. You captured the emotion SO well.

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